Produced Foam Testing App


***** May 2022, Android Version Available *****


The Produced Foam Testing app been developed to aid in the field testing of produced foam (finished foam) from fire‑fighting foam systems including fixed systems, mobile systems and marine systems.  It uses the Refractive Index and Electrical Conductivity test methods described in NFPA11:2021 Annex D which are not limited to systems covered by NFPA11 and are widely accepted for determining produced foam concentration in many systems.


Click on the screenshots to view a larger version or download the Produced Foam Test app leaflet.


The free version of the App can be downloaded from the Apple Appstore or from Google Play and is designed to:

  • Allow the testing of 10 samples

  • Recommend calibration sample concentrations based on the foam under test.

  • Determine the numerically most accurate calibration line from the entered calibration fluid measurements, taking away the potential for human error.

  • Generate the calibration graph
  • Checks the validity of the calibration sample data against the calibration line and recommends re-testing where appropriate, improving the test accuracy.

  • Accurately determine the Produced Foam Concentration from the entered sample measurement, taking away the potential for human error.

  • Provide the graphical solution and reports whether the sample has Passed or Failed as per the selected Standard.

  • Provide useful tips on sampling best practices to get the best quality samples from the field and so improve the possibility of a successful test.


The paid version of the App unlocks additional features:  

  • Allows unlimited tests

  • Allows the tests to be saved for future review

  • Allows a new test to be generated from an existing test with the same details eg to use the same calibration line for another test point or for the next test on the same system.

  • Allows the user to create their own Test Criteria eg to allow for Standards not already covered by the app such as Company specific Standards.

  • Generates a one page Produced Foam Test Report as a pdf which can be printed or exported by email for inclusion in your maintenance records or for sending to a laboratory for their reference along with your samples. There is an option to add up to three witness signatures if required by the testing organisation. 


Foam Test App Home Screen
Foam Test App Calibration Screen
Foam Test App Results Screen
Foam Test App Results Graph
Foam Test App Standards Management
Foam Test App User Defined Standard
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